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Electric Fencing

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Electric Fence Starter Kit Image

Electric Fence Starter Kit

This kit includes a Zap 5 Energiser, 9v dry battery, 200m of Megatape, a gate handle with tape connection, 20 x 110cm posts, 2 x end fittings, 1 x electric fence sign. Everything you will require to make a 200m fenced off area.
Product Code:  BC4557
Agrifence Micro 3 Energiser Image

Agrifence Micro 3 Energiser

A very handy, low powered energiser excellent for short fence lines in good conditions or for other temporary fences such as at weekend shows etc. Small enough to hang straight off the fence line, post or earth stake. It is powered by 2 x D-Cell batteries. Batteries not included. 3 Year Warranty. To...
Product Code:  AB0940
D-Cell Batteries Image

D-Cell Batteries

A pack of 2 D-Cell batteries. The Micro 3 runs on 2 batteries, the Duo 6 requires 4 batteries.
Product Code:  BC4562
Agrifence DP-1205 Dual Power Energiser Image

Agrifence DP-1205 Dual Power Energiser

This compact 12v energiser punches well above it's weight and cost. Supplied with 12v battery leads it can also be run from the mains via an optional adapter and is designed to be used with our combined Mount / Earth Post for ease of use and operation. The 9,000v - 500mj output can power electric...
Product Code:  BC4564
Agrifence Zap Duo 6 Energiser Image

Agrifence Zap Duo 6 Energiser

A very portable generator, the Duo 6 is hard to beat. Ideal for an Equestrian weekend away, it can run off 4 x internal D-Cell batteries or off the 12v caravan/horsebox battery. An adjustable pulse rate feature can make the D-Cell batteries last up to 9 weeks in continuous use and the 9,900v - 350mj...
Product Code:  BC4565
Agrifence Secur 100 Energiser with Solar Kit Image

Agrifence Secur 100 Energiser with Solar Kit

An excellent entry level 12v solar system Energiser with power to handle most requirements around the yard, it can also maintain a battery the whole season. This Energiser comes with a 6w solar panel and requires a 12v battery. Can power fence lines up to 15km in good conditions.
Product Code:  BC4567
Agrifence Secur 25 Energiser Image

Agrifence Secur 25 Energiser

Smart and advanced with variable power output makes the Secur 25 a good lower powered training energiser. A 9v battery can be housed internally but it can also be run from a 12v battery or through a 12v mains adapter. Supplied with earth stake & all necessary leads Variable output control 75-240mJ....
Product Code:  BC4570
Agrifence Secur 2000+ Powered Energiser Image

Agrifence Secur 2000+ Powered Energiser

A high powered mains energiser for extreme conditions. Voltage Peak;10,000 volts,Leakage Detection Indicator,Light,Earth Connection Test,Fence Return Indicator Light and Anti cut-off device. Please note Lead-out cable and Earth Stake are required to connect the Energiser and are available separately...
Product Code:  BC4571
Agrifence Secur 1100 Mains Energiser 2J Image

Agrifence Secur 1100 Mains Energiser 2J

A simple and compact mains energiser for general farm and livery use on medium length fence lines and varying conditions. Supplied with a UK plug adaptor. Comes complete with a 3 Year Warranty.
Product Code:  BC4572
Agrifence 9v Dry Battery Image

Agrifence 9v Dry Battery

The 9V Dry Battery from Agrifence is a non-rechargeable alkaline based dry battery. It is designed to be used with 9V energisers including the EasyStop & Easy Solar energisers from Agrifence. It is also compatible with solar panels and using the battery with solar panels will increase the battery li...
Product Code:  BC4573
Agrifence Super Gate Handle Image

Agrifence Super Gate Handle

Extra large heavy duty handle for maximum insulation. Internal compression spring protects against over-extension and ensures longer life.
Product Code:  BC4574
Agrifence Spring Gate Kit Image

Agrifence Spring Gate Kit

Spring Gate for opening up to 5m in width. Spring gate kit include 2 x screw in gate anchors, 5m spring and a gate handle. Spring conducts the electric current from one side of the gate to the other. This gives you the complete kit for an electric gate. This kit Contains 1 x Gate Handle With Hook 1 ...
Product Code:  BC4575
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